Tuesday, January 12, 2010

An element in the human equation....

How hard would it be for today's common man to step back outside of themselves and view how they treat their fellow humans. I think if we started utilizing reflection in our every day activity, we'd start to realize that humanity is moving away from common everyday values we grew up with, thus... driving a wedge in the family unit.

When I sit down with my family, it allows me the opportunity to watch how the values I grew up with, reflect within my children. I saw a lot of stumbling when I first fell into my "Adult/Parent" role. I often had an argument within myself on how I wanted my children to perceive how life should be. I found my own inner child wanting to come out and "play", when I should have been shaping a number of factors in my life. This included my relationship with my children, wife, family and friends.

Realizing that my own inner child was starting to rule my decision making process, simply stated.... I grew up. I began to realize that with my children being born, my career taking off, and the relationship with my wife was one of the greatest feelings I'd felt... that the values I grew up with were ones that were defining all of this.

As I look around and watch human behavior, I can't help but notice the subversion that people will utilize to try and steer their own boat (absence of values). Without maps or navigation equipment (Values), they are destined to run aground. Often times they realize this after it's to late, and find themselves scrambling to correct the wrongs that they failed to see along the way.

Get back to your core values and begin the realization process.... or remain lost...